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Thursday, February 09, 2006


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Mexico City


Executive Producer, Character Designer, Director, Writer

Bio Summary

Jorge was born in Mexico City, and raised in Tijuana. He eventually made his way to CalArts, where he studied under Jules Engel, and recieved his BFA and MFA in Experimental Animation. He has since done work in character design, as well as writing, directing and producing animation, including work on his passion project for Nickelodeon, "el Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera."

Early Life/Family

Jorge is married to Sandra Equihua. They met at a rock concert on the Mexican/American border, when he was 18 and she was 17. They courted for 8 years before eventually marrying.


He attended the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), where he received his BFA & MFA in Experimental Animation under Jules Engel. He also mentored under Maurice Noble while working on Timber Wolf for Chuck Jones.

Career Outline

Jorge began his career as an intern on “Stuart Little” as a CG character animator. He then moved to the WB's “Mucha Lucha!,” and from there, he worked on Disney's “The Buzz on Maggie.” He was then sent over to work with Chuck Jones on “Timber Wolf,” as a digital in-between for Maurice Noble. From there he has gone on to direct, write and design for several different shows, as well as Producing his own vision, “El Tigre,” with Nickelodeon studios.

Comments On Style

Jorge has a bold, striking style that uses clean lines and bright colors. His designs are rich and full of detail, while at the same time simplistic in silhouette.


Jorge has been very much influenced by his Mexican heritage and the Mexican music scene, taking traditional folk elements of Mexican culture and mixing them with a contemporary look. In the media, Jorge draws a great deal of inspiration from Popeye, as well as the general style of the Fleischer studio.


Jorge is a warm individual, full of passion for his culture and work. His art is a direct correlation to his personality; bright, vivid, and full of pop.


Jorge got the inspiration for Manny's (from El Tigre) dillemma of being a superhero like his father or a supervillain like his grandfather from the pressure and indecision he felt while growing up from his family to decide between either being a general like his grandfather, or an artist like his father.

When applying for CalArts, Jules Engel forbade Jorge from drawing juvenile aliens and barbarians, and to stick to instead his style of folk-art paintings. It was his paintings that got him into CalArts.


Originally, Jorge wanted to be a writer, painter, or director.

Jorge was motivated by the fact that, being a Mexican citizen, the only way he would find work would be through sponsorship.

While interning on Stuart Little, Jorge realized that his heart wasn't in animation, and turned instead to design and story.

All of the story points in El Tigre are based in the reality experienced by one of the members on the crew.


(writer, actor, director - 2000)
"Timber Wolf"
(color, production designer, co-art director - 2001)
"Pumpkin Love/Snap's Nighmare"
(guest art director - 2003)
"Mucha Lucha!: The Return of El Malefico
(character designer - 2005)
"Bella Con Carney"
"The Buzz on Maggie"
(character model design supervisor - 2005)
"Maya & Miguel"
(writer - 2005/2006)
- "Cupid"
- "Paging Dr. Maya"
- "The Wrestler Next Door"
-"Maya Quixote and Miguel Panza"
"Brandy & Mr. Whiskers"
(writer - 2006)
- "Big Girls Don't Body Slam"
- "Dojo, Oh No!/Finding Hershel"
"Yin! Yang! Yo!"
(character designer)
"Secretos" (director - 2006/2008)
- "Coach De Ninos"
- "El Manager"
- "En el Altar"
- "Abandonada"
- "Laboral"
- "Edificios"
"Secretos" (writer - 2007/2008)
- "Laboral"
- "Edificios"
"Class of 3000" (guest art director - 2007)
- "Love is in the Hair...Net"
"El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera"
(executive producer, writer, character designer - 2007)
- "Return of Plata Peligrosa/Chupaca Bros"
- "Fistful of Nickles/Animales"
- "Cuervo Forever/Frida's Brain"
- "Oso Solo Mio/Silver Wolf"
- "Fool Speed Ahead/Ballad of Frida Suarez"
- "Burrito's Little Helper/Crouching Tigre"
- "Clash of the Titan/Eye Caramba"
- "Golden Eagle Twins/Cuervo Project"
- "The Mustache Kid/Puma Lucito"
- "The Bride of Puma Loco/Miracle City Undercover"
- "Dia De Los Padres/Moustache Love"
- "The Mother of All Tigers/Old Money"
- "The Good, the Bad, and El Tigre (Parts 1 and 2)"
- "Yellow Panter/Rising Son"
- "Belts, Boots, Brero/Back to Escuela"
- "The Cactus Kid/A Mother's Glove"
- "Enter the Cuervo/Fistfull of Collars"
- "Eye Caramba/Clash of the Titan"
- "Wrong and Dance/Love and War"
- "Sole of a Hero/Night of the Living Guacamole"
- "Stinking Badges/Mech Daddy"
- "Adios, Amigos/Zebra Donkey"
- "Fool's Goal/El Tigre, El Jefe"
- "The Late Manny Rivera/Party Monsters"
- "Miracle City Worker/Dia de los Malos"
- "La Tigressa/Curse of the Albino Burrito"
- "Stinking Badges/Mech Daddy"


- 2008, won Best Character Design in an Animated Television Production for: El Tigre: The Adventures of many Rivera (2007)
- 2006, nominated for Best Character Design in an Animated Television Production for: The Buzz on Maggie (2005)


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