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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

LOEB, Anton

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Scenic Artist/ Background Artist/Animator

Bio Summary

Anton Loeb spent most of his career on the east coast of America at Fleitcher Studios illustrating for the Casper cartoons and Famous Studios doing illustrations for Popeye the Sailorman. Before his early career, he illustrated only a few children's books in the late 1940s, including a collection of Aesop's fables in a book called Storytime Favorites, and The Little Train that Won a Medal. He isn't known to have illustrated books after 1950. He worked primarily as Paramount's lead theatrical animator throughout the 1950s, and then moved on to TV animation in the 1960s, doing primarily background art.

Early Life/Family


Career Outline

Chief animator for Paramount Pictures in New York, and he was one of the greats animating Popeye Cartoonists in Fleischer Studios. Also, as a scenic artist for Famous Studios, he worked on many of the Casper cartoons.

Comments On Style

Anton's style is very similar to many of the children's book illustrators of the 1950's. The characteristic of his style that stands out from the rest is his dynamic perspective, use of color pencil in his final rendered art, and his unique depiction of animals with human-like facial features. He is very adamant in his stories about “The Wizard of Oz.”






Art Department:

Motor Knocks (1 January 1961) - scenic artist
Butler Up (1 January 1961) - scenic artist
The Mark of Zero (1 January 1961) - scenic artist
The Leprechaun (1 January 1961) - scenic artist
Duel to the Finish (1 January 1961) - scenic artist
Kiddie Kapers (1 January 1961) - scenic artist
Sea Serpent (1 January 1961) - scenic artist
Aladdin's Lamp (1 January 1961) - scenic artist
Gem Jam (1 January 1961) - scenic artist 
Strange Things Are Happening (1 January 1961) - scenic artist
Love Birds (1 January 1961) - scenic artist
Popeye's Double Trouble (1 January 1961) - scenic artist
Seer-ring Is Believer-ring (1 January 1961) - scenic artist
My Fair Olive (1 January 1961) - scenic artist
Oil's Well That Ends Well (1 January 1961) - scenic artist
The Wiffle Bird's Revenge (1 January 1961) - scenic artist
The Medicine Man (1 January 1961) - scenic artist
Popeye Thumb (1 January 1961) - scenic artist
Me Quest for Poopdeck Pappy (1 January 1960) - scenic artist
Mirror Magic (1 January 1960) - scenic artist
Popeye Goes Sale-ing (1 January 1960) - scenic artist
Voo-Doo to You Too (1 January 1960) - scenic artist
Rags to Riches to Rags (1 January 1960) - scenic artist
Incident at Missile City (1 January 1960) - scenic artist
Wimpy the Moocher (1 January 1960) - scenic artist
Jeep Is Jeep (1 January 1960) - scenic artist
"Popeye the Sailor" (26 episodes)
A Christmas Tale (1 January 1964) - scenic artist
Bye Bye Young Lovers (1 January 1964) - scenic artist
We Love You, Sergeant Snorkle (1 January 1963) - scenic artist
Welsh Rabbit (1 January 1963) - scenic artist
Is This Drip Necessary (1 January 1963) - scenic artist 
Tatoo Toosie Goodbye (1 January 1963) - scenic
"Beetle Bailey" (6 episodes) 
... aka Mort Walker's Beetle Bailey (USA: complete title)
Ain't It the Tooth (1 January 1963) - scenic artist
Jughaid the Magician (1 January 1963) - scenic artist
The Big Bear Hunt (1 January 1963) - scenic artist 
"Snuffy Smith and Barney Google" (3 episodes) 

Animation Department:

The Paneless Window Washer (1937) (background artist) (uncredited) 
Learn Polikeness (1938) (background artist) (uncredited)
Lulu in Hollywood (1944) (background artist)
Bargain Counter Attack (1946) (background artist)
Rocket to Mars (1946) (background artist)
Musica-Lulu (1947) (background artist)
A Scout with the Gout (1947) (background artist)
Stupidstitious Cat (1947) (background artist)
Much Ado About Mutton (1947) (background artist)
Wotta Knight (1947) (background artist)
A Bout with a Trout (1947) (background artist)
Safari So Good (1947) (background artist)
The Circus Comes to Clown (1947) (background artist)
Pre-Hysterical Man (1948) (background artist)
There's Good Boos To-Night (1948) (background artist)
Snow Place Like Home (1948) (background artist)
The Mite Makes Right (1948) (background artist)
Comin' Round the Mountain (1949) (background artist)
A-Haunting We Will Go (1949) (background artist)
A Balmy Swami (1949) (background artist)
Gym Jam (1950) (background artist)
Double-Cross-Country Race (1951) (background artist)
Pilgrim Popeye (1951) (background artist)
Let's Stalk Spinach (1951) (background artist)
Popeye, the Ace of Space (1953) (background artist)
Shaving Muggs (1953) (background artist)
Cops Is Tops (1955) (background artist)
Swab the Duck (1956) (background artist) 


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