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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

KLEY, Heinrich

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Bio Summary

Heinrich Kley was born in 15 of April of 1863, in Karlsruhe, in Germany having studied in the Academy of Karlsruhe with Ferdinand Keller and immediately afterwards with Frithjob Smith in Munique. Its initial works had been illustrations, paintings of landscapes, scenes of interiors, pictures and nature-deceased, Between 1888 and 1894 it sent its pictures for expositions in Munique.
After 1908 decide to dedicate itself exclusively to the drawing ink. Its drawings had been published in satirical magazines and are characterized by subjects of the antiquity as well as of the modern industrial life, always marked for grotescs and erotics aspects. Its workmanships had been published in Simplissimus and Junged and had gotten immediate success.
Its drawings possess one character satirical few times equaled, the acidity of the content, the mobility of the line, and the expressivity of the composition makes of its work one of most representative of the satirical drawing, and even so he is not valid to place it in a restricted position as cartunist or caricaturist, we can in fact consider it as such.
The expressives qualities of the graphism of Kley as well as its mood in send the James to them Ensor, and even so its workmanship is almost that exclusively dedicated to the graphical arts, also we can point out it as a great pictorial master whose original solutions are of the interest of all the ones that if interest for visual arts.
In Brazil we have J. Carlos, a true master of the line and that, little recognized in the exterior the category of one of the great graphical masters of century XX can be transported, and that as Kley also it possesss interesting graphical solutions for all.
Heinrich Kley after the decade of twenty if consecrated the advertising and produces incessantly until its disappearence in 1945 (probably), its drawings possesss graphical characteristics that had been lost practically nowadays, to a large extent due to the easy linearism searched by the graphical artists.

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