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Thursday, December 15, 2005


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Background Artist for Golden Books

Bio Summary

Bio Summary- From the information I gathered Al White worked as an Illustrator for Golden Books from the 1959 to 1964

Early Life/Family


Career Outline

“Huckleberry Hound Builds A House” Little Golden Book 1959
“Rocky and His Friends” Little Golden Book 1959
“Winnie The Pooh: A Tight Squeeze” Golden Press, 1980 by Milne, A. A.
“Walt Disney’s Pinocchio And The Whale” Golden Press 1961 by Ingoglia, Gina.
“Walt Disney’s The Wizards' Duel” (Motion Picture, "The Sword in the Stone"), by Memling Golden Press 1963
“Walt Disney’s Mary Poppins” (Motion Picture) Bedford, Annie North (adapted by) Golden Press 1964

Comments On Style

Al White was a background artist so its logical to assume that he was the background artist on these Golden Books. Even though the credits of the books are to about two artists, the styles of the background and the characters are very close. It may or may not be either artists style, but since the styles of both books are similar ill comment on the two styles. 
The styles differ very much from their respective shows in which thick black outlines surrounded each character. In these golden books their outlines are blended in with color and go from thick to thin. The Golden books seem to have a more natural connection with their surroundings making the whole picture come to life instead of just isolating the character. The second noticeable difference is the color palate, again in the T.V. show the color was flat and solid, mostly because the style was developed for a budget type of animation. In the Golden Books they make it a point to give most of the characters a shadow line and a smooth gradient of color but still pretty solid. Overall the color stays the same but the shadow lines do make the characters stand out a bit.




This animator was very hard to find information on, the initial Google search is usually pretty bad but this time it was even worse. I had about two entries that were about the Al White I was looking for, otherwise the search turned up Alvin White Studios and A music Video by Weird Al Yankivich. The two entries I got though told me about at least




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