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Thursday, December 15, 2005


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Birth: October 11, 1919
Death: April 10, 1999


Bio Summary

Better known as the voice of Wilma Flintstone, Jean Vander Pyl, was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1919. Vander Ply got her start in the entertainment world as the voice of a woman in distress on the radio show Calling All Cars. As the world of entertainment transitioned in to television she began acting on such shows as Leave it to Beaver, This is the Life, and Petticoat Junction. It wasn’t until the early 60’s that Vander Pyl would be given the role that would cement her in the history of animation as the voice of Wilma on the Flinstones. She would spend 6 years on the show. When the show ended, Vander Pyl parlayed her vocal talents into other animated shows. She voiced an array of characters on such shows as Magilla Gorilla, Top Cat, and was the voice of yet another classic character, Rosie the Robot, on the Jetsons. She continued her career reprising her roles as both Wilma and Rosie in many Hanna-Barbera full lenth films including The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones. Vander Pyl was hospitalized in 1998 due to lung cancer and died the following year at the age of 79.

Early Life/Family

With her father being a salesman, Vander Pyl spent most of her childhood moving from town to town. Her family moved cross country living many places including Larchmont, Memphis, and Chicago. By 1933 the family had finally settled in Los Angeles, California. Graduating from Beverly Hills High School, Vander Pyl attended UCLA as an acting student. As an undergraduate she received her first radio job as a voice on the show Calling All Cars. 
Family: Michael O’Meara (son), Tiffany O’Meara (granddaughter), Timothy O’Meara (son), Roger DeWitt (son), Anthony DeWitt (step-son), Peter DeWitt (step-son).
Beverly Hills High School (graduated 1937), UCLA (did not graduate) 
Training: UCLA acting school


Career Outline

Comments On Style



According to her son, Vander Pyl was a humble person




Deep in my Heart, Actor, role: Miss Zimmerman, 1954.
- Leave it to Beaver, Actor, role: Miss Woods, Mrs Hansen and herself, 1959-1962.
- The Flintstones, Voice Talent, role: Wilma Flintstone, 1960-1966.
- The Yogi Bear Show, Voice Talent, role: extra voice, 1961.
- Top Cat, Voice Talent, role: Fifi and Goldie, 1961.
- The Jestsons, Voice Talent, role: Rosie the Robot, 1962-1963 and 1984-1987.
- The Magilla Gorilla Show, Voice Talent, role: Ogee, 1964.
- Petticoat Junction, Actor, role: Mrs. Agnes Frisby, 1968.
- Jetsons Meet the Flintstones, Voice Talent, role: Wilma Flintstone and Rosie the Robot, 1987.
- “The Weird Al Show”, Voice Talent, role: Wilma Flintstone, 1997.
Style: Voice


Annie Award: Winsor McCay Award 1994

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