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Thursday, December 15, 2005


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Birth: 1922


Music Editor/Editor

Bio Summary

Grew up in Cleaveland, OH. He was friends with Herb Klynn, who he worked with at UPA pictures later in his life.

Early Life/Family


Grew up in a musical family, self-taught.

Career Outline

Began his career as a musician touring the South Pacific during World War II. During the post-war years, he toured with Spike Jones and his City Slickers novelty band. After he retired from touring, his childhood friend, Herb Klynn, invited him to join the UPA Pictures animation studio. Later worked at Format Films and voiced Alvin for Alvin and the Chipmunks for a period of time.

Comments On Style



Has been called ‘Zany non-stop, upbeat’. He has dedicated his life to bringing joy to others.




The Golden Age of Buster Keaton (1975) (music supervisor)
Yankee Doodle Cricket (1975) (TV) (composer: animal songs)
“The Oddball Couple” (1975) TV series (music arranger: main title)
“Return to the Planet of the Apes” (music editor) (13 episodes, 1975)
- River of Flames (1975) TV episode (music editor)
- Terror on Ice Mountain (1975) TV episode (music editor)
- Battle of the Titans (1975) TV episode (music editor)
- Invasion of the Underdwellers (1975) TV episode (music editor)
- Mission of Mercy (1975) TV episode (music editor)
“ABC Afterschool Specials” (music editor) (1 episode, 1977)
- My Mom’s Having a Baby (1977) TV episode (music editor)
“Baggy Pants & the Nitwits” (1977) TV series (music editor)
“What’s New, Mr. Magoo?” (music editor) (16 episodes, 1977)
- Rip Van Magoo/Secret Agent Magoo (1977) TV episode (music editor)
- Magoo’s Driving Test/Shutterbug Magoo (1977) TV episode (music editor)
- Jungle Man Magoo/Millionaire Magoo (1977) TV episode (music editor)
- McBarker the Wonder Dog/Spaceman Magoo (1977) TV episode (music editor)
- Miniature Magoo/Roamin’ Magoo (1977) TV episode (music editor)
My Boys Are Good Boys (1978) (music editor)
“The All New Pink Panther Show” (1978) TV series (music editor)
A Pink Christmas (1978) (TV) (music editor)
… aka Pink Panther in ‘A Pink Christmas’ (USA: long title)
“The Fantastic Four” (music editor) (13 episodes, 1978)
… aka The Fabulous Fantastic Four (UK: video box title)
… aka The New Fantastic Four (USA: promotional title)
- Blastaar, the Living Bomb Burst (1978) TV episode (music editor)
- Calamity on the Campus (1978) TV episode (music editor)
- The Frightful Four (1978) TV episode (music editor)
- The Diamond of Doom (1978) TV episode (music editor)
- The Impossible Man (1978) TV episode (music editor)
Freeze Frame (1979) (TV) (music editor)
Fright Before Christmas (1979) (TV) (music editor)
Bugs Bunny’s Christmas Carol (1979) (TV) (music editor)
“Spider-Woman” (music editor) (16 episodes, 1979)
- Realm of Darkness (1979) TV episode (music editor)
- Pyramids of Terror (1979) TV episode (music editor)
- A Crime in Time (1979) TV episode (music editor)
- A Deadly Dream (1979) TV episode (music editor)
- Dracula’s Revenge (1979) TV episode (music editor)
Bugs Bunny’s Looney Christmas Tales (1979) (TV) (music editor)
Pink Panther in the Olym-pinks (1980) (TV) (music editor)
Daffy Duck’s Easter Show (1980) (TV) (music editor)
… aka Daffy Duck’s Easter Egg-citement (USA: video title)
Pontoffel Pock, Where Are You? (1980) (TV) (music editor)
… aka Pontoffel Pock and His Magic Piano (USA: video title)
“Spider-Man” (music editor) (26 episodes, 1981)
… aka Spiderman
… aka Spiderman 2000
- Arsenic and Aunt May (1981) TV episode (music editor)
- Bubble, Bubble, Oil and Trouble (1981) TV episode (music editor)
- Canon of Doom (1981) TV episode (music editor)
- Carnival of Crime (1981) TV episode (music editor)
- Countdown to Doom (1981) TV episode (music editor)
Dennis the Menace in Mayday for Mother (1981) (TV) (music editor)
The Pink Panther in ‘Pink at First Sight’ (1981) (TV) (music editor)
The Grinch Grinches the Cat in the Hat (1982) (TV) (composer: special music) (music editor)
… aka The Cat in the Hat Gets Grinched (USA: video title)
“Meatballs and Spaghetti” (1982) TV series (music editor)
“Pandamonium” (1982) TV series (music editor) (1982)
“Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends” (music editor) (24 episodes, 1981-1983)
- Attack of the Arachnoid (1983) TV episode (music editor)
- Mission: Save the Guardstar (1983) TV episode (music editor)
- Origin of the Spider-Friends (1983) TV episode (music editor)
- Spider-Man: Unmasked! (1983) TV episode (music editor)
- Spidey Meets the Girl from Tomorrow (1983) TV episode (music editor)
“G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero” (1983) TV mini-series (music editor) (unknown episodes)
… aka G.I. Joe: The MASS Device (USA: alternative title)
“The Incredible Hulk” (music editor) (13 episodes, 1982-1983)
… aka The All New Incredible Hulk (UK: video box title)
- The Hulk Destroys Bruce Banner (1983) TV episode (music editor)
- The Boy Who Saw Tomorrow (1983) TV episode (music editor)
- Enter: She-Hulk (1983) TV episode (music editor)
- Punks on Wheels (1983) TV episode (music editor)
- The Incredible Shrinking Hulk (1982) TV episode (music editor)
“Dungeons & Dragons” (music editor) (13 episodes, 1983)
- P-R-E-S-T-O Spells Disaster (1983) TV episode (music editor)
- The Lost Children (1983) TV episode (music editor)
- The Box (1983) TV episode (music editor)
- The Garden of Zinn (1983) TV episode (music editor)
- Quest of the Skeleton Warrior (1983) TV episode (music editor)
Gallavants (1984) (music editor)
My Little Pony (1984) (TV) (music editor)
“G.I. Joe: The Revenge of Cobra” (1984) TV mini-series (music editor) (unknown episodes)
My Little Pony: Escape from Catrina (1985) (TV) (music editor)
“G.I. Joe” (music editor) (55 episodes, 1985)
… aka Action Force (UK)
… aka Chijô saikyô no Expert Team G.I. Joe (Japan)
- There’s No Place Like Springfield: Part 2 (1985) TV episode (music editor)
- There’s No Place Like Springfield: Part 1 (1985) TV episode (music editor)
- Skeletons in the Closet (1985) TV episode (music editor)
- The Great Alaskan Land Rush (1985) TV episode (music editor)
- Cold Slither (1985) TV episode (music editor)
“Transformers” (music editor) (65 episodes, 1984-1986)
… aka Super God Robot Force
… aka Tatakae! Chô robot seimeitai Transformer (Japan)
… aka The Transformers (USA: new title)
… aka Transformer 2010 (Japan: third season title)
… aka Transformers: Generation 1 (USA: informal title)
- B.O.T. (1986) TV episode (music editor)
- Revenge of Bruticus (1986) TV episode (music editor)
- Starscream’s Brigade (1986) TV episode (music editor)
- Kremzeek! (1985) TV episode (music editor)
- Cosmic Rust (1985) TV episode (music editor)


“Popeye the Sailor” (27 episodes, 1960)
- Ballet de Spinach (1960) TV episode
- Barbecue for Two (1960) TV episode
- Battery Up (1960) TV episode
- Bird Watcher Popeye (1960) TV episode
- Bottom Gun (1960) TV episode
Highway Runnery (1965)
Chaser on the Rocks (1965)
The Solid Tin Coyote (1966)
“The Road Runner Show” (1966) TV series
Quacker Tracker (1967)
The Music Mice-Tro (1967)
The Spy Swatter (1967)
“Doctor Dolittle” (1 episode, 1970)
- The Grasshoppers Are Coming, Hooray, Hooray! (1970) TV episode
A Fly in the Pink (1971)
Pink Blue Plate (1971)
Pink Tuba-Dore (1971)
Cattle Battle (1971)
Gong with the Pink (1971)
Pink-In (1971)
The Lorax (1972) (TV)
Punch and Judo (1972)
Love and Hisses (1972)
Camera Bug (1972)
“The Barkleys” (1972) TV series
Clerow Wilson and the Miracle of P.S. 14 (1972) (TV)
“The Houndcats” (1972) TV series (1972)
Kloot’s Kounty (1973)
“ABC Afterschool Specials” (1 episode, 1973)
- The Incredible, Indelible, Magical Physical, Mystery Trip (1973) TV episode
Dr. Seuss on the Loose (1973) (TV)
… aka Green Eggs and Ham and Other Stories (USA: video title)
Freeze a Jolly Good Fellow (1973)
“Bailey’s Comets” (4 episodes, 1973)
- Episode #1.4 (1973) TV episode
- Episode #1.3 (1973) TV episode
- Rahja and Out/Ghost of a Clue (1973) TV episode
- Skateroo to the Carlsbad Clue!/To Win or Toulouse (1973) TV episode
Ten Miles to the Gallop (1973)
Stirrups and Hiccups (1973)
The Bear Who Slept Through Christmas (1973) (TV)
Phony Express (1974)
Gold Struck (1974)
Little Boa Peep (1974)
Clerow Wilson’s Great Escape (1974) (TV)
The Tiny Tree (1975) (TV)
“The Pink Panther Laugh and a Half Hour and a Half Show” (1976) TV series
Carnival of the Animals (1976) (TV)
… aka Bugs and Daffy’s Carnival of the Animals (USA: video title)
Halloween Is Grinch Night (1977) (TV)
… aka Grinch Night (USA)
… aka It’s Grinch Night
Sprinkle Me Pink (1978)
Pink U.F.O. (1978)
Pink S.W.A.T. (1978)
Pet Pink Pebbles (1978)
Pink Quackers (1979)
Pink in the Woods (1979)
The Charmkins (1983) (TV)
Gallavants (1984)
“Merrie Melodies: Starring Bugs Bunny and Friends” (1990) TV series

Editorial Department:

1001 Arabian Nights (1959) (supervising editor)
“The Alvin Show” (1961) TV series (supervising editor) (1961)
“The Lone Ranger” (1966) TV series (supervising editor) (1966)
Hey, Hey, Hey, It’s Fat Albert (1969) (TV) (editorial supervisor)

Sound Department:

Bwana Magoo (1959) (sound effects)
“The Houndcats” (1972) TV series (sound editor)


- “The Colgate Comedy Hour” …. Tommy Handbill (1 episode, 1951)
… aka Colgate Summer Comedy Hour (USA: summer title)
… aka Colgate Variety Hour (USA: sixth season title)
… aka Michael Todd Revue (USA: subtitle)
- The Spike Jones Show (1951) TV episode (uncredited) …. Tommy Handbill


“Movie Magic” …. Himself (1 episode, 1994)
- Sound for Animation: Animated Audio (1994) TV episode …. Himself


Annie Award: Winsor McCay Award 1991

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