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Friday, December 16, 2005

RICE, Katie

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Birth: September 12, 1981


Bio Summary
Katie orginally grew up in Pasadena, then lived and went to high school in Incline Valley, Nevada. After that she moved back to LA to Glendale and now she resides in Burbank, CA.

Early Life/Family
When Katie was younger she was more interested in drawing more as a hobby, but as she grew and gain more knowledge and more respect for the art is when she took it more seriously. But she never really stopped drawing for any real long period of time. Also, when Katie was in her early teens she had her father drive her up to John Kricfausi's (creator of "The Ren and Stimpy Cartoon") house in Los Angeles to say hello and to tell him that she was a big fan and very interested in his work. She continued to keep intouch with him through e-mails & such til she was old enough and where she got a job working for him.

To become better at her drawings Katie just draws a little bit every day. She takes in as much info as she can from her peers and apply's that towards improving her art work. Also, the appreciation she has of other peoples artistic skills and the amount of hard work that goes into it, drives her to work that much harder in bettering her own ablities.

Career Outline
Katie worked at Disney TV for about a year where she was desigining for the show "The Buzz on Maggie". After that she started her first storyboarding job on "Brandy and Mr Wiskers" (also at Disney). She also worked for Spumco starting out as an inker on "Weekand Pussy Hunt". Also, she did the layout and a bit of the character design on the "Ren and Stimpy, Adult Party Cartoon". Now she is working on a new video for Werid Al Yankovic, where she is doing some the character design, layout, animation and inking.

Comments On Style
Katie is well-known for her ultra feminine female characters. She has a very good sense of porportion and a good eye for posing her characters. Also, what sets her apart is the way that she takes the personalities of the real world & applies that to appealing cartoon drawings. When she draws she tends to look for things that are unique about that person. Drawing their funny or cute imperfections, or whatever it might be.

She has learned from watching the ones that she looks up to is understanding the importance of real drawing skills. Also, that the best combination for great cartoon drawings is to have a strong knowledge of these drawings skills and the ability to capture your own personality and life.

Katie enjoys drawing, cartoons, funny looking people, small animals, and things that are cute and ugly.





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