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Thursday, December 15, 2005

O'CONNER, A. Kendall

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Birth: June 7, 1908
Death: May 27, 1998


O'Connor had varios jobs throughtout his life in which all mainly dealt with art. First he was a reporter and editorial artist for a paper in Australia. For Disney O'Connor work as a art director and layout artist. o'Connor work as an animator for short cartoons for a time also.

Bio Summary

O'Connor came to America in early 1930's from his native home Australia. In April of 1935 he began his career with Disney studio working on the movie, " Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". O'Connor went on to work on 13 more full legnth features for Disney. Some of the most rememberable ones were, "Alice in Wonderland", "Dumbo", "Pinocchio", and a segment in, "Fantasia". During the WWII O'Connor did some military training cartoons for the army. O'Connor also contributed to almost a hundred animated short cartoons during his career. O'Connor in his later yaers worked as an Advisor for Disney films such as, "The Little Mermaid".

Early Life/Family

O'Connor married his wife Mary Alice in 1944 and had two children named Joan Patricia and John Arthur O'Connor.


Career Outline

O'Connor is firstly known for his work On," Snow White and th Seven Dwarfs". He design and animated the crucial scene of the the evil stepmothers death. This scene pretty much cemented his career at Disney studio. Another scene O'CONNOR is highly known for is his work on, "Fantasia". He layout the segment entitled,"Dance of the Hours," which is one of the more popular segments in the movie. One of the last things O'Connor is known for is designing the pumpkin coach in,"Cinderella".

Comments On Style


Some of O'Connors influences where his co-workers like Ollie Johnston, Frank Thomas, and Ward Kimball.


O'Connor was known for being very intellectual and saw things in a reasonable way. Alot of his personality showed from his work meaning that he was very percise and diligent about what he created.


In the animated film, "Cinderella," O'Connor actually built a miniture pumpkin carriage model from his deign just to get the persectives exactly accurate.



During the 1950's O'Connor worked on a made for tv movie entilted,"Man on the Moon".O'Connor designed the space shuttles and sace crafts used in the film.


Annie Award: Winsor McCay Award 1987
Honored with the Disney Legends award in 1992.

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