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Thursday, December 15, 2005


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Producer, Production Manager, Associate Producer, Technical Director

Bio Summary

Seems to be a long lover of cartoons and the people who make them, Mr. Antran Manoogian, doesn’t take much of the credit he truly deserves for bring animators together and honoring them or at the very least recognizing them.

Early Life/Family

Not sure of past or present family, but he must have family


Antran has seems to have been trained to take a chance, and very business savy

Career Outline

Antran has been the President of this largest of the chapters of ASIFA for 13 years

Comments On Style

Mr. Antran Manogian seems to put the importance of all animation first, has produced some cartoons, but has found his niche’ managing many if not all of Asifa’s big events including the Annie Awards, a night celebrating Animation old and new.


Loves all animators past and present, puts his faith in them to make good cartoons, most likely influenced by the praise he has received by many animators, this may fuel him to drive to continue


Mr. Antran Manoogian seems to have a good demeanor towards people, because he has received praise from many people even outside the animating world, I stumbled across a catering site, and there was a section were the site thanks Mr. Manoogian. Another quote, “Antran is one of the finest gentlemen”


Antran Manoogian (president of ASIFA-Hollywood) had an extra pass and gave me a call. Thanks Antran, I guess it really does pay to be a member of ASIFA!


He is highly respected in the animation world for bringing projects to reality


"Sonic the Hedgehog" (1993) TV Series (associate producer)
Winnie the Pooh: A Very Merry Pooh Year (2002) (V) (producer)
“Biker Mice from Mars” (2006) TV Series (pre-production) (production manager)


The June Foray Award 1998

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