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Thursday, December 15, 2005


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Birth: Jan 13,1913
Death: Jun 11,1994


Animator, Writer and Director

Bio Summary

His wife, a son, a daughter, six grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Early Life/Family


Studied at the Art Guild Academy, Los Angeles in 1931

Career Outline

Began as an employee of Walt Disney Studios. He started as an animator in the short "Modern Inventions". Assigned as a writer began with "Donald's Nephews". He was assigned as the director in 1943. He had directed 94 films in his life. Jack was asked by the studio to develop and direct the School of Character Animation at the California Institute of the Arts for 8 years.

Comments On Style





Jack Hannah was a boxer before he worked at Disney's.

He was an animator on THE OLD MILL and WOODLAND CAFE, animating bats in the first and a crowd of dancing insects in the latter. WOODLAND CAFE was his first animation assignment.

Jack worked with Carl Barks as a writer on Donald Duck Golden Books in the thirties and Forties and was a storyboard artist on many of the Duck films. He also directed all segments of the Disneyland television show that featured Walt Disney interacting with cartoon characters.



Donald's Off Day (1944)
The Eyes Have It (1945)
No Sail (1945)
A Knight for a Day (1946)
Squatter's Rights (1946)
Lighthouse Keeping (1946)
Frank Duck Brings 'em Back Alive (1946)
Double Dribble (1946)
Straight Shooters (1947)
Clown of the Jungle (1947)
Well Oiled (1947)
Bootle Beetle (1947)
Foul Hunting (1947)
Mail Dog (1947)
Chip an' Dale (1947)
They're Off (1948)
Daddy Duck (1948)
Inferior Decorator (1948)
Soup's On (1948)
Three for Breakfast (1948)
Tea for Two Hundred (1948)
Crazy Over Daisy (1949)
Donald's Happy Birthday (1949)
Sea Salts (1949)
Winter Storage (1949)
Honey Harvester (1949)
All in a Nutshell (1949)
The Greener Yard (1949)
Slide Donald Slide (1949)
Toy Tinkers (1949)
Lion Around (1950)
Trailer Horn (1950)
Test Pilot Donald (1950)
Hook, Lion and Sinker (1950)
Bee at the Beach (1950)
Out on a Limb (1950)
Lambert the Sheepish Lion (1951)
Chicken in the Rough (1951)
Dude Duck (1951)
Two Chips and a Miss (1951)
Corn Chips (1951)
Lucky Number (1951)
Out of Scale (1951)
Bee on Guard (1951)
Donald Applecore (1952)
Let's Stick Together (1952)
Uncle Donald's Ants (1952)
Trick or Treat (1952)
Pluto's Christmas Tree (1952)
Don's Fountain of Youth (1953)
The New Neighbor (1953)
Rugged Bear (1953)
Working for Peanuts (1953)
Canvas Back Duck (1953)
Spare the Rod (1954)
Dragon Around (1954)
Grin and Bear It (1954)
The Flying Squirrel (1954)
"Disneyland" (episode "A Square Peg in a Round Hole")
TV Episode
The Donald Duck Story (1954)
No Hunting (1955)
Bearly Asleep (1955)
Beezy Bear (1955)
Up a Tree (1955)
Hooked Bear (1956)
In the Bag (1956)
"The Woody Woodpecker Show" (1957) TV Series
Freeloading Feline (1960)
Hunger Strife (1960)
southern Fried Hospitality (1960)
Poop Deck Pirate (1961)
Eggnapper (1961)
Gabby's Diner (1961)
Mackerel Moocher (1961)
Clash and Carry (1961)
Bear and the Bees (1961)
Franken-Stymied (1961)
Voo-Doo Boo-Boo (1961)
Tricky Trout (1961)
Woody's Kook-Out (1961)
Tin Can Concert (1961)
Doc's Last Stand (1961)
Fish and Chips (1962)
Rock-a-Bye Gator (1962)
Pest of Show (1962)
Fowled-Up Birthday (1962)
Rocket Racket (1962)
Mother's Little Helper (1962)
Punch Pooch (1962)
Corny Concerto (1962)

Writer - filmography

Donald's Nephews (1938)
Donald's Golf Game (1938)
Donald's Lucky Day (1939)
The Hockey Champ (1939)
Donald's Cousin Gus (1939)
Donald's Vacation (1940)
Window Cleaners (1940)
Fire Chief (1940)
Timber (1941)
Early to Bed (1941)
Truant Officer Donald (1941)
Old MacDonald Duck (1941)
Chef Donald (1941)
Donald Gets Drafted (1942)
The Army Mascot (1942)
Sky Trooper (1942)
Bellboy Donald (1942)
The Old Army Game (1943)
Home Defense (1943)
Trombone Trouble (1944)
The Plastics Inventor (1944) (story)
"Disneyland" (1954) TV Series (writer) (episode "Donald Duck Story The")
... aka Disney's Wonderful World (USA: new title)
... aka The Disney Sunday Movie (USA: new title)
... aka The Magical World of Disney (USA: new title)
... aka The Wonderful World of Disney (USA: new title)
... aka Walt Disney (USA: new title)
... aka Walt Disney Presents (USA: new title)
... aka Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color (USA: new title)
Donald Duck and his Companions (1960)
Freeloading Feline (1960) (story)
Tin Can Concert (1961) (story)


Annie Award: Winsor McCay Award 1987
Honors: Honored as a "Disney Legend" in 1992.

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