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Thursday, December 15, 2005

HAND, David

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Birth: on January 23, 1900 in Plainfield, New Jersey, USA
Death: on October 11, 1986 in San Luis Obispo, California, USA


Animator, Director, Producer, and Production Supervisor

Bio Summary

David Hand first gained his experience from the John Randolph Bray Studio in New York. There after on January 20, 1930 David Hand came to the Walt Disney Studio for the first time. Here he worked on numerous well-known features like Bambi, and Snow White. On July 21, 1944 David Hand left his job at the Walt Disney Studio to pursue animation in Europe. Here Hand was hired by a British man by the name of J. Arthur Rank: here he established GB animation. Also, he produced nine episodes of the Animal land series, and ten of the Musical Paint box series. In 1950, David Hand then returned to the United States, in Colorado Springs. When Hand returned to the U.S he decided he would no longer be apart of the animation industry.

Early Life/Family

David Hand was a very private man. All that is said is that he was married 3 times and had a son by the name of David Hale Hand.


David Hand was educated in Chicago, where he took numerous commercial art classes.

Career Outline

Hand started out with newspaper cartooning, and made his way through various studios like Wallace Carlson’s “Andy Gump” Studio, and John Randolf Bray Studio. After leaving the Bray Studio, Hand had gone to the Walt Disney Studio, where he had done many successful feature cartoons. Leaving the Disney Studio, Hand went to Europe to work for J. Arthur Rank Studio in Britain.

Comments On Style

David Hands style is very much like Disney cartoons, very “cute.”





All of Hands Animal Land cartoons were recovered except for four. Also, five more shorts, by Hand, were discovered in Burbank, California, by a film archivist Ken Kramer.


Out of the Inkwell (1919/I) (animator)

Victory Through Air Power (1943) (animation supervisor)
Out of the Inkwell (1919) (animator)
The Fire Fighters (1930) (animator)
Midnight in a Toy Shop (1930) (animator)
Monkey Melodies (1930) (animator)
The Chain Gang (1930) (animator)
The Gorilla Mystery (1930) (animator)
The Picnic (1930) (animator)
Winter (1930) (animator) (uncredited)
Pioneer Days (1930) (animator) (uncredited)
Playful Pan (1930) (animator)
The Birthday Party (1931) (animator)
Birds of a Feather (1931) (animator)
Traffic Troubles (1931) (animator)
The Castaway (1931) (animator)
Mother Goose Melodies (1931) (animator)
The Moose Hunt (1931) (animator) (uncredited)
The China Plate (1931) (animator) (uncredited)
The Delivery Boy (1931) (animator)
Mickey Steps Out (1931) (animator)
The Cat's Out (1931) (animator)
... aka The Cat's Nightmare
Egyptian Melodies (1931) (animator) (uncredited)
Fishin' Around (1931) (animator) (uncredited)
The Barnyard Broadcast (1931) (animator)
The Fox Hunt (1931) (animator)
The Beach Party (1931) (animator)
Mickey Cuts Up (1931) (animator)
Mickey's Orphans (1931) (animator)
The Ugly Duckling (1931) (animator) (uncredited)
The Bird Store (1932) (animator)
The Duck Hunt (1932) (animator) (uncredited)
The Grocery Boy (1932) (animator)
The Mad Dog (1932) (animator)
The Bears and Bees (1932) (animator)
Mickey in Arabia (1932) (animator)
Just Dogs (1932) (animator)
Flowers and Trees (1932) (animator) (uncredited)
Mickey's Nightmare (1932) (animator)
Trader Mickey (1932) (animator)
King Neptune (1932) (animator) (uncredited)
The Whoopee Party (1932) (animator)
Bugs in Love (1932) (animator)
The Wayward Canary (1932) (animator)


Trader Mickey (1932)
Building a Building (1933)
The Mad Doctor (1933)
Birds in the Spring (1933)
The Mail Pilot (1933)
Old King Cole (1933)
Mickey's Steamroller (1934)
The Flying Mouse (1934)
The Dognapper (1934)
Mickey's Man Friday (1935)
The Robber Kitten (1935) (uncredited)
Mickey's Kangaroo (1935)
Who Killed Cock Robin? (1935) (uncredited)
Pluto's Judgement Day (1935)
Three Orphan Kittens (1935)
Mickey's Polo Team (1936)
Three Little Wolves (1936)
Thru the Mirror (1936) (uncredited)
Alpine Climbers (1936) (uncredited)
Three Blind Mouseketeers (1936)
Mickey's Elephant (1936)
Mother Pluto (1936)
More Kittens (1936)
Magician Mickey (1937) (uncredited)
Little Hiawatha (1937)
... aka Hiawatha
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) (supervising)
... aka Blancanieves y los siete enanos (USA: Spanish title)
... aka Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (USA: poster title)
The Whalers (1938)
Bambi (1942) (supervising) (as David D. Hand)
... aka Walt Disney's Bambi (USA: poster title)
Mickey Mouse Disco (1980) (as Dave Hand)


The Australian Platypus (1949) (producer)
... aka The Platypus (USA: informal title)
Ginger Nutt's Christmas Circus (1949) (producer)
It's a Lovely Day (1949) (producer)
Ginger Nutt's Bee-Bother (1949) (producer)
The Ostrich (1949) (producer)
The Thames (1948) (producer)
The Cuckoo (1948) (producer
The Lion (Felis Leo) (1948) (producer)
Wales (1948) (producer)
The House-Cat (Felis Vulgaris) (1948) (producer)
Somerset (1949) (producer)
A Fantasy on Ireland (1949) (producer)
Yorkshire Ditty (1949) (producer)
Sketches of Scotland (1949) (producer)
Cornwall (1949) (producer)
Canterbury Road (1949) (producer)
Devon Whey (1950) (producer)
A Fantasy on London Life (1950) (producer)
Ginger Nutt's Forest Dragon (1950) (producer)
"Exploring" (1962) TV series (producer) (unknown episodes)
Animaland (1997) (V) (producer) (as David Dodd Hand)
... aka David Hand's Animaland (USA: long title)

Archive Footage:
The Musical Legacy of Paul Smith (2003) (V) .... Himself - Director


Annie Award: Winsor McCay Award 1984
Honored by the Queen of England in 1949
Walt Disney Company awarded Hand the highest award naming him a “Legend of Disney”

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