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Thursday, December 15, 2005

GROTHKOPF, Chad ( "Chad")

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Birth: 1914
Death:  1-25-2005


Animator and Comic Book Artist

Bio Summary

His career starts in1930 where he did work for Paramount movie posters. He then worked for Disney from 1930-1939. In April 1938, he worked for Fleischer on Willie the Worm. Between 1930-1940, he also worked on comics for Adventure Comics and More Fun comics. He opened Grothkoph Studios in the 1940’s and did Willie the Penguin for Better Publications. He did Golden Boy for Adventure comics in December 1941, co-created with Whitney Ellsworth. He created Hoppy the Marvel Bunny in 1942. Grothkoph worked on Captain America in 1943. He did 2 syndicated features called Famous Fiction for Bell syndicates between 1942-1946 and Howdy Doody for United Features from 1950-1953. He then did work for NBC on the first television commercials. His first animation work for T.V. was a tag for ESSO gas ad in 1947. In 1948, he did an animation for North Cool clothing. 1949-1950, he did ads for Kool cigarettes. He illustrated books featuring Mighty Mouse in the 1950’s. Chad Grothkoph did Tubby the Tuba for Treasure Book #873 in 1954. Grothkoph did Snowy Day Fun in May 1955 and Santa’s Helper. He also taught art at an art school.
He worked for DC on Johnny Quick, Lando Man of Magic, Man Hunters around the World, Radio Squad, Federal Man, Three Aces, and Detective Chimp. Chad Grothkoph did work on the Detective Comics. For Marvel, he did Destroyer, Imp, SWAT Car Squad and was in Marvel Masterworks Golden Age All- Winners Volume 3. Charleton Comics published Hoppy the Marvel Bunny in Funny Animals comics and Willie the Worm. He did original work on Alvin and the Chipmunks. He worked with Parents Magazine Press and Quality Comics. He also owned a small company called Chad Associates.

Early Life/Family


Career Outline

His film work includes Willie the Worm, Chad’s Lesson on Design in 1960 for television where he used vintage storyboards from the 1950’s and his commercials for NBC, Kool Cigarettes, North Cool Clothing and ESSO Gas.

Comments On Style




He also went by the names Chad Grotsky, Charles Grothkoph, and Charles Grotsky. Vince Fago once said of Grothkoph, “Chad was amazing. He could ink on a subway while it was going down the line.” Between 1942-1956 Hoppy was run but was renamed Magic Bunny because Marvel had been created and sued for the right to use the Marvel name.




Ink Pot Award, San Diego Comic Con 1994
AACC Honoree 1994

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