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Thursday, December 15, 2005


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Born: New York City, March 16, 1911
Death: Los Angeles, December 18, 2006


Animator, Director, Producer, Studio Head

Bio Summary

Most people know him from the famous Hanna-Barbera studios cartoons, such as "The Flintstones" and "Scooby-Doo", but there was much more to the man's career.

Early Life/Family

Joseph Barbera was born in the Little Italy section of Manhattan, to Sicilian parents. (Wikipedia)


Career Outline

Published in Collier's magazine in 1928, and off-and-on while working for the Bankers' Trust Company in New YorkComments On Style



"He was Fred Flintstone: loyal, loving family man; a self-image as a working stiff despite all evidence to the contrary; Average Joe. Except that he was nothing close to being average." (


"If you ever want to explore the cliche of "opposites attract", you could definitely start with Joe Barbera and Bill Hanna. Hanna was the embodiment of what would eventually become the California surfer boy, blond, and tan. Joe looked like a Thirties version of Tony Soprano, dark with the typically wide Italian face. Hanna was refined, Barbera still had the patina of crudeness that Brooklyn, to this day, layers on its inhabitants. Hanna was shy, Barbera gregarious. Hanna was on the fast track at MGM, his loyalty to Harman and Ising paying off as he was allowed to direct a few shorts starting in 1936; Barbera was one of the New York imports, there to provide the muscle behind the scenes. But somehow they clicked. Friendship quickly led to partnership. Everyone at MGM started regarding Hanna and Barbera as a single entity." (
"[Barbera] could capture mood and expression in a quick sketch better than anyone I've ever known." - Bill Hanna



MGM, Tom & Jerry:

Puss Gets the Boot (1940) (uncredited) (Co-Director)
Swing Social (1940) (uncredited)
Gallopin' Gals (1940) (Co-Director)
The Goose Goes South (1941) (Co-Director)
The Midnight Snack (1941) (C0-Director)
Officer Pooch (1941) (Co-Director)
The Night Before Christmas (1941) (uncredited) (Co-Director)
Fraidy Cat (1942) (Co-Director)
Dog Trouble (1942) (Co-Director)
Puss n' Toots (1942) (Co-Director)
The Bowling Alley-Cat (1942) (Co-Director)
Fine Feathered Friend (1942) (Co-Director)
Sufferin' Cats (1943) (Co-Director)
The Lonesome Mouse (1943) (Co-Director)
The Yankee Doodle Mouse (1943) (Co-Director)
War Dogs (1943) (Co-Director)
Baby Puss (1943) (Co-Director)
The Zoot Cat (1944) (Co-Director)
The Million Dollar Cat (1944) (Co-Director)
The Bodyguard (1944) (Co-Director)
Puttin' on the Dog (1944) (Co-Director)
Mouse Trouble (1944) (Co-Director)
... aka Cat Nipped
... aka Kitty Foiled
The Mouse Comes to Dinner (1945) (C0-Director)
... aka Mouse to Dinner
Mouse in Manhattan (1945) (Co-Director)
... aka Manhattan Serenade
Tee for Two (1945) (Co-Director)
Flirty Birdy (1945) (Co-Director)
... aka Love Boids
Quiet Please! (1945) (Co-Director)
The Cat Concerto (1946) (Co-Director)
Springtime for Thomas (1946) (Co-Director)
The Milky Waif (1946) (Co-Director)
Trap Happy (1946) (Co-Director)
Solid Serenade (1946) (Co-Director)
Cat Fishin' (1947) (Co-Director)
Part Time Pal (1947) (Co-Director)
... aka Fair Weathered Friend
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse (1947) (Co-Director)
Salt Water Tabby (1947) (Co-Director)
A Mouse in the House (1947) (Co-Director)
The Invisible Mouse (1947) (Co-Director)
The Little Orphan (1948) (Co-Director)
Make Mine Freedom (1948) (Co-Director)
Kitty Foiled (1948) (Co-Director)
The Truce Hurts (1948) (Co-Director)
Old Rockin' Chair Tom (1948) (Co-Director)
Professor Tom (1948) (Co-Director)
Mouse Cleaning (1948) (Co-Director)
Polka-Dot Puss (1949) (Co-Director)
Hatch Up Your Troubles (1949) (Co-Director)
Heavenly Puss (1949) (Co-Director)
The Cat and the Mermouse (1949) (Co-Director)
Love That Pup (1949) (Co-Director)
Jerry's Diary (1949) (Co-Director)
Tennis Chumps (1949) (Co-Director)
Jerry's Cousin (1950) (C0-Director)
... aka City Cousin
... aka Muscles Mouse
Little Quacker (1950) (Co-Director)
Saturday Evening Puss (1950) (Co-Director)
... aka Party Cat
Texas Tom (1950)(Co-Director)
Jerry and the Lion (1950) (Co-Director)
... aka Hold That Lion
Safety Second (1950) (Co-Director)
... aka F'r Safety Sake
Tom and Jerry in the Hollywood Bowl (1950) (Co-Director)
The Framed Cat (1950) (Co-Director)
Cue Ball Cat (1950) (Co-Director)
The Two Mouseketeers (1951) (Co-Director)
Casanova Cat (1951) (Co-Director)
Jerry and the Goldfish (1951) (Co-Director)
Sleepy-Time Tom (1951) (Co-Director)
His Mouse Friday (1951) (Co-Director)
Slicked-up Pup (1951) (Co-Director)
Nit-Witty Kitty (1951) (Co-Director)
Cat Napping (1951) (Co-Director)
Johann Mouse (1952) (Co-Director)
The Flying Cat (1952) (Co-Director)
The Duck Doctor (1952) (Co-Director)
Smitten Kitten (1952) (Co-Director)
Triplet Trouble (1952) (Co-Director)
Little Runaway (1952) (Co-Director)
Fit to Be Tied (1952) (Co-Director)
Push-Button Kitty (1952) (Co-Director)
Cruise Cat (1952) (Co-Director)
The Dog House (1952) (Co-Director)
The Missing Mouse (1953) (C0-Director)
Jerry and Jumbo (1953) (Co-Director)
That's My Pup! (1953) (Co-Director)
Just Ducky (1953) (Co-Director)
Two Little Indians (1953) (Co-Director)
Life with Tom (1953) (Co-Director)
Puppy Tale (1954) (Co-Director)
Posse Cat (1954) (Co-Director)
Hic-cup Pup (1954) (Co-Director)
... aka Tyke Takes a Nap
Little School Mouse (1954) (Co-Director)
Baby Butch (1954) (Co-Director)
Mice Follies (1954) (Co-Director)
Neapolitan Mouse (1954) (Co-Director)
Downhearted Duckling (1954) (Co-Director)
Pet Peeve (1954) (Co-Director)
Touché, Pussy Cat! (1954) (Co-Director)
Southbound Duckling (1955) (Co-Director)
Pup on a Picnic (1955) (Co-Director)
Mouse for Sale (1955) (Co-Director)
Designs on Jerry (1955) (Co-Director)
Tom and Chérie (1955) (Co-Director)
Smarty Cat (1955) (Co-Director)
Pecos Pest (1955) (Co-Director)
That's My Mommy (1955) (Co-Director)
Good Will to Men (1955) (Co-Director)
The Flying Sorceress (1956) (Co-Director)
The Egg and Jerry (1956) (Co-Director)
Busy Buddies (1956) (Co-Director)
Muscle Beach Tom (1956) (Co-Director)
Down Beat Bear (1956) (Co-Director)
Blue Cat Blues (1956) (Co-Director)
Barbecue Brawl (1956) (Co-Director)
Tops with Pops (1957) (Co-Director)
Give and Tyke (1957) (Co-Director)
Timid Tabby (1957) (Co-Director)
Feedin' the Kiddie (1957) (Co-Director)
Scat Cats (1957) (Co-Director)
Mucho Mouse (1957) (Co-Director)
Tom's Photo Finish (1957) (Co-Director)
Happy Go Ducky (1958) (Co-Director)
... aka One Quack Mind
Royal Cat Nap (1958) (Co-Director)
The Vanishing Duck (1958) (Co-Director)
Robin Hoodwinked (1958) (Co-Director)
Tot Watchers (1958) (Co-Director)


"Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks" (1958) Tv Series (Co-Director)
"Quick Draw McGraw" (1959) Tv Series (Co-Director)
Wolf Hounded (1959) (Co-Director)
Little Bo Bopped (1959) (Co-Director)
Tale of a Wolf (1960) (Co-Director)
Life with Loopy (1960) (Co-Director)
Creepy Time Pal (1960) (Co-Director)
Snoopy Loopy (1960) (Co-Director)
The Do-Good Wolf (1960) (Co-Director)
Here, Kiddie, Kiddie (1960) (Co-Director)
No Biz Like Shoe Biz (1960) (Co-Director)
"The Flintstones" (1 episode, 1960) (Co-Director)
- The Flintstone Flyer (1960) TV Episode (Co-Director)
Count Down Clown (1961) (Co-Director)
"The Yogi Bear Show" (1961) TV Series (Co-Director)
Happy Go Loopy (1961) (Co-Director)
Two Faced Wolf (1961) (Co-Director)
This Is My Ducky Day (1961) (Co-Director)
Fee Fie Foes (1961) (Co-Director)
Zoo Is Company (1961) (Co-Director)
Child Sock-Cology (1961) (Co-Director)
Catch Meow (1961) (Co-Director)
Kooky Loopy (1961) (Co-Director)
Loopy's Hare-do (1961) (Co-Director)
"Top Cat" (1961) TV Series (Co-Director)
... aka Boss Cat (UK) (Co-Director)
Bungle Uncle (1962) (Co-Director)
Common Scents (1962) (Co-Director)
Bunnies Abundant (1962) (Co-Director)
Beef for and After (1962) (Co-Director)
Swash Buckled (1962) (Co-Director)
Bearly Able (1962) (Co-Director)
"Wally Gator" (1962) TV Series (Co-Director) (uncredited)
"The New Hanna-Barbera Cartoon Series" (1962) TV Series (Co-Director)
Slippery Slippers (1962) (Co-Director)
Chicken Fraca-See (1962) (Co-Director)
Rancid Ransom (1962) (Co-Director)
"The Jetsons" (4 episodes, 1962) (Co-Director)
- Elroy's TV Show (1962) TV Episode (Co-Director)
- The Good Little Scouts (1962) TV Episode (Co-Director)
- Jetsons Nite Out (1962) TV Episode (Co-Director)
- A Date with Jet Screamer (1962) TV Episode (Co-Director)
Just a Wolf at Heart (1963) (Co-Director)
Chicken Hearted Wolf (1963) (Co-Director)
Whatcha Watchin' (1963) (Co-Director)
A Fallible Fable (1963) (Co-Director)
Sheep Stealers Anonymous (1963) (Co-Director)
Wolf in Sheep Dog's Clothing (1963) (Co-Director)
Not in Nottingham (1963) (Co-Director)
Drum-Sticked (1963) (Co-Director)
Bear Up! (1963) (Co-Director)
Crook Who Cried Wolf (1963) (Co-Director)
Habit Rabbit (1963) (Co-Director)
Raggedy Rug (1964) (Co-Director)
"The Magilla Gorilla Show" (1964) TV Series (Co-Director)
Elephantastic (1964) (Co-Director)
Bear Hug (1964) (Co-Director)
Hey There, It's Yogi Bear (1964) (Co-Director)
"Peter Potamus and His Magic Flying Balloon" (1964) TV Series (Co-Director)
Trouble Bruin (1964) (Co-Director)
Bear Knuckles (1964) (Co-Director)
Habit Troubles (1964) (Co-Director)
"Precious Pupp" (1965) TV Series (Co-Director)
"The Hillbilly Bears" (1965) TV Series (Co-Director)
Horse Shoo (1965) (Co-Director)
"Jonny Quest" (8 episodes, 1964- 1965) (Co-Director)
... aka The Adventures of Jonny Quest
- Attack of the Tree People (1965) TV Episode (Co-Director)
- The Robot Spy (1964) TV Episode (Co-Director)
- Treasure of the Temple (1964) TV Episode (Co-Director)
- The Riddle of the Gold (1964) TV Episode (Co-Director)
- Pursuit of the Po Ho (1964) TV Episode (Co-Director)
(3 more)
Pork Chop Phooey (1965) (Co-Director)
Crow's Fete (1965) (Co-Director)
Big Mouse Take (1965) (Co-Director)
"Tom and Jerry" (1965) TV Series (Co-Director) (uncredited)
"The Secret Squirrel Show" (1965) TV Series (Co-Director)
Matinee Mouse (1966) (original material) (Co-Director)
"A Laurel and Hardy Cartoon" (1966) TV Series (Co-Director)
... aka Larry Harmon's Laurel & Hardy (UK: video box title) (Co-Director)
"Abbott & Costello" (1966) TV Series (Co-Director)
The Man Called Flintstone (1966) (Co-Director)
"Space Ghost" (1966) TV Series (Co-Director)
"Frankenstein, Jr. and the Impossibles" (1966) TV Series (Co-Director)
"Samson & Goliath" (1967) TV Series (Co-Director)
... aka Young Samson & Goliath (USA: new title) (Co-Director)
Shutter Bugged Cat (1967) (Co-Director)
"The Atom Ant Show" (1967) TV Series (Co-Director)
"Birdman and the Galaxy Trio" (1967) TV Series (Co-Director)
"Moby Dick and the Mighty Mightor" (1967) TV Series (Co-Director)
"The Herculoids" (1 episode) (Co-Director)
- The Gladiators of Kyanite/Temple of Trax (????) TV Episode (Co-Director)
"Fantastic 4" (5 episodes) (Co-Director)
- Danger in the Depths (????) TV Episode (Co-Director)
- Demon in the Deep (????) TV Episode (Co-Director)
- Invasion of the Super Skrulls (????) TV Episode (Co-Director)
- It Started on Yancy Street (????) TV Episode (Co-Director)
- KIaws/The Red Ghost (????) TV Episode (Co-Director)
"Shazzan" (1967) TV Series (Co-Director)
"Arabian Knights" (1968) TV Series
"Wacky Races" (1968) TV Series(Co-Director)
"The Adventures of Gulliver" (1968) TV Series (Co-Director)
"Loopy de Loop" (1969) TV Series (Co-Director)
Motormouse and Autocat" (1969) TV Series (Co-Director)
"Cattanooga Cats" (1969) TV Series (Co-Director)
"Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines" (1969) TV Series (Co-Director)
"Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!" (1969) TV Series (Co-Director)
"The Perils of Penelope Pitstop" (1969) TV Series (Co-Director)
"Love, American Style" (1969) TV Series (Co-Director)
"Where's Huddles?" (1970) TV Series (Co-Director)
"Harlem Globe Trotters" (1970) TV Series (Co-Director)
... aka The Go-Go Globetrotters (USA: rerun title) (Co-Director)
"Josie and the Pussycats" (1970) TV Series (Co-Director)
"Lippy the Lion and Hardy Har Har" (1971) TV Series (Co-Director) (uncredited)
"The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show" (1971) TV Series (Co-Director)
"The Funky Phantom" (1971) TV Series (Co-Director)
"Help!... It's the Hair Bear Bunch!" (1971) TV Series (Co-Director)
"The New Scooby-Doo Movies" (1972) TV Series (Co-Director)
... aka Scooby-Doo Meets the Harlem Globetrotters (USA: video title) (Co-Director)
... aka Scooby-Doo's New Comedy Movie Pictures (USA) (Co-Director)
"Sealab 2020" (1972) TV Series (Co-Director)
"The Roman Holidays" (1972) TV Series (Co-Director)
"Josie and the Pussy Cats in Outer Space" (1972) TV Series (Co-Director)
"The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan" (1 episode, 1972) (Co-Director)
- To Catch a Pitcher (1972) TV Episode (Co-Director)
"The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie" (7 episodes, 1972-1973) (Co-Director)
... aka The New Saturday Superstar Movie (USA: second season title) (Co-Director)
- Lost in Space (1973) TV Episode (Co-Director)
- Tabitha and Adam and the Clown Family (1972) TV Episode (Co-Director)
- The Banana Splits in Hocus Pocus Park (1972) TV Episode (Co-Director)
- The Adventures of Robin Hoodnik (1972) TV Episode (Co-Director)
- Oliver and the Artful Dodger: Part 2 (1972) TV Episode (Co-Director)
(2 more)
"Fred Flintstone and Friends" (1977) TV Series (Co-Director)
Gulliver's Travels (1979) (TV) (uncredited) (Co-Director)
Dalton en cavale, Les (1983)
... aka Dalton en balade, Les
... aka Lucky Luke - Das große Abenteuer (West Germany)
Here Are the Smurfs (1984) (TV) (Co-Director)
The Baby Smurf (1984) (TV) (Co-Director)
Jetsons: The Movie (1990) (Co-Director)
Tom and Jerry's Greatest Chases (2000) (Video) (Co-Director)
Cartoon Crack-ups (2001) (Video) (Co-Director)
"Cartoon Alley" (2004) TV Series (original material)
The Karateguard (2005) (Co-Director)


Annie Award: Winsor McCay Award 1977

Hanna and Barbera's 17-year partnership on the Tom & Jerry series resulted in 7 Academy Awards for Best (Cartoon) Short Subject, and 14 total nominations, more than any other character-based theatrical animated series.

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Born: New York City, March 16, 1911
Death: Los Angeles, December 18, 2006


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